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Parcel Click-&-Collect

  • Click & Collect process
  • Queue-free, customer convenience
  • Easy touch interface with fail-safe operation
  • Remote management
  • Multiple configurations

Student Locker

Student/Hot Desk – Call Centre Lockers have a power point and USB in each locker and are perfect for students and office share situations. For, Call Centre, Shared Offices, Schools and institutions

Step Locker

  • Ideal for long garments
  • Strong weld construction
  • Modern style ventilation slots
  • Choice of key or padlock facility
  • Master key system available

Aqua Locker

  • New waterproofing technology.
  • Ideal for use in wet areas; public swimming pools, health & fitness centres, leisure centres and more.

Hanging Locker

  • Electronic keyless operation
  • On-screen instructions
  • Lockers accommodate multiple shifts
  • Magnetic or barcode activation
  • Manager override
  • Easy manual access

Personal Locker

  • Standard lockers 305mm wide
  • Strong welded construction
  • Modern style ventilation slots
  • Key locking or padlock facility
  • 3 point locking system

Staff Valuables Lockers

  • Sophisticated and reliable electronic operating lock
  • USB charging ability in each locker
  • Master Key override. Electronic pin code override
  • Hard wired to AC (No batteries required).

E-Coco-1 Lock

Easy- to-use, secure and economical solution that can be retrofitted to a range of lockers.

Combo Lock

Combo Locks – Digital Coded Lock

Ideal for: Tool boxes, Cabinets, Mail box…or anywhere that keys are not suitable.