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Lockers Australasia provides the most up-to-date keyless electronic locker systems available in the world today.

Specialising in refined keyless electronic locker systems, Lockers Australasia have supplied lockers to the public and private sectors for over 20 years. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the durability and reliability of our quality lockers endure constant use in universities, schools, train stations, and restaurants.


Lockers Australasia have designed modern locker systems ideal for architectural installations, including custom lockers using colours to suit any requirement. Our preparation and finishing procedures deliver a superior surface, highly resistant to deterioration and corrosion, to create a lasting impression for your locker installation – please visit our products page for  technical dimensions and installation information. A host of options and accessories can be added to an installation to enhance its appearance, function or user convenience.


Our Lockers are created with precision machined and laser cut components using computer controlled equipment by professionals who know that quality is essential for look, usability and longevity.


Our product range reflects an understanding of the market, as the needs of each client differs greatly. Innovation is a definite strength at Lockers Australasia, with our designs reflecting market trends and financial responsibility including public sector, retail, manufacturing, transport, leisure and business services.; Staff lockers, gym lockers, luggage lockers, university lockers, school lockers, storage lockers, sports lockers, electronic lockers, hotel lockers, changing – room lockers.